Saturday, December 9, 2023

Villarejo: “Florentino already bribed referees before Barça did it”

The former commissioner Jose Manuel Villarejo has explained to ‘RAC 1’ what the figure of Florentino Pérez means for the law. In an extensive talk with the journalist Jordi Basté, Villarejo commented that Florentino Perez He already bribed referees before Barça did it. It is untouchable. He knows why.”

He explained an anecdote with Rubalcaba: “The ill-fated Rubalcaba, who was a Real Madrid fan, told me not to even think about going to the Madrid box because it is a tremendous television studio.”

About Ferreras, “I have eaten with him quite a few times and the vast majority of the recordings are a copy of those that the CNI made for me since 2017 in which They monitored my life“. “What they want to define as ‘moral panic’, certain living forces are dedicated to agitating the mass manipulation techniques that determine the level of culture or manipulation of a country and they work quite well.

Laporta denied having leaked information about Rosell

Also related to the statements of the former police commissioner on ‘RAC1’, the aforementioned station reported that the president of FC Barcelona Joan Laporta sent a voice note to the former top leader of the Barça club, Sandro Rosell to confront the accusations from Villarejo, who accused him of having leaked information that helped lead to the arrest of Sandro Rosell in 2017. Laporta wanted to speak by phone with Sandro to deny the claims of the former Police Commissionerbut Rosell did not answer the phone and then left him a voice message.

In a face to face between José Manuel Villarejo and the former president of the Generalitat Artur Mas, the former Police Commissioner assured: “People around the president (Laporta), who had fired him, leaked information about Rosell. There was a person that you protected a lot, a certain Martorell (Xavier), who was responsible for Barça’s security and partner in a detective firm that continues to work with the CNI.” Joan Laporta will initiate legal action against Villarejo.


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