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Vikram Gokhale health update: 12 days ago Vikram Gokhale sent a message to Anupam Kher, said – Life is incomplete my friend

Legendary actor Vikram Gokhale’s condition is critical at this time. The 82-year-old actor is admitted to Deenanath Mangeshkar Hospital in Pune. Fighting with life and death. Close and family members of the actor are present in the hospital. Fans and loved ones are praying that the actor’s health gets well and he returns home. However, there are reports circulating on the internet that Vikram Gokhale has passed away. Some actors have even started paying tribute to Vikram Gokhale through social media posts. Anupam Kher is also one of them.

Anupam Kher paid tribute to Vikram Gokhale
Anupam Kher has shared a 12-day-old video of Vikram Gokhale, in which the legendary actor is seen reciting a poem. Sharing the video, Anupam Kher wrote in the caption, “I received this message 12 days ago from my dear friend and country’s finest actor Vikram Gokhale. I called him and said that the poem you sent me was incomplete. He told me that life is also incomplete my friend. And then started laughing.

I am deeply hurt by the news of Vikram Gokhale’s demise. I am sad Sometime back I have finished shooting for the film ‘The Signature’ which is a Hindi remake of Vikram Gokhale’s Marathi film ‘Anumati’. We talked about this also. He asked me when are you showing the film? I told you that I am nervous to show you. Laughing out loud at this, he had said that then he must have done well. I am feeling sad here that he will never be able to see my film. Vikram Gokhale, you will always be my best friend.” Along with this, Anupam Kher has put a heartbroken emoji.

Anupam Kher shared the post

Friend’s statement surfaced
However, the news of Vikram Gokhale’s death which is going on on the internet, is being told to be completely false. Giving a health update of Vikram Gokhale, family friend Rajesh Damle has said that the actor’s condition is definitely critical, but he has not passed away. Avoid spreading such rumors and also ignore them.

The friend also said that the doctors will give whatever update is there regarding health. Vikram Gokhale’s condition is critical for the last 24 hours. The jurors are trying to give their best. As far as it is known, the matter of Vikram Gokhale’s multiple organ failure is coming to the fore. Whatever update will be related to his health in future, will be given to all of you. However, whatever medication the doctors are giving to Vikram Gokhale, it is not working. Doctors are trying their best to revive the actor.

Hospital issued statement
Apart from this, Dinanath Hospital has also issued a statement saying that Vikram Gokhale is still on ventilator. He is fighting for life and death. He is alive. He is undergoing treatment in ICU. Efforts are on to recover the actor completely. The reports that are going on that the actor is in deep coma and is not responding are all false.

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