Thursday, November 30, 2023

Video: Verstappen confronted Russell for impact in sprint race

He Formula One Azerbaijan Grand Prix It raised emotions during and at the end of the first sprint race of the season, when Verstappen was upset after colliding with George Russell, who left a hole in the left side of his RB19 trying to pass him.

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Mad Max approached Russell in the pits at the end of the competition to claim him, “Nobody has grip, we all have to leave some space,” replied the Dutchman when Russell told him that this was the reason why he crashed, although Verstappen sentenced: “Then the next expect the same thing.”

He sprint of this Grand Prix It was different from the previous ones, since for the first time it did not establish the starting order on Sunday, Formula One eliminated this format in an attempt to encourage drivers to take more risks and provide a greater spectacle for fans


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