Sunday, June 4, 2023

VIDEO: Santi Giménez ends up sent off in the elimination of Feyenoord

Santiago Giménez ended his dream this season in Europe in the worst way, after he ended up being sent off in Feyenoord’s last game in the Europa League.

The Mexican striker, who started this return match against José Mourinho’s Roma, showed his frustration at not being able to overcome the game in the last minutes.

This after, at minute 119, Santi Giménez gave defender Gianluca Mancini an iron at knee height, a fact that was seen by the VAR and for which the referee decided to show him the red card directly.

Given this, the selected player did not protest and left the field of play, seeking not to affect his team, although the cameras captured how he ended up on the edge of the corridor towards the locker room with a disconcerted face. This was the first direct expulsion suffered by Giménez in his career.

In the end, the match ended 4-1 (4-2 overall) in favor of Roma, advancing to the Europa League semifinals, while Feyenoord will have to settle for fighting for the Eredivisie title. , where he is the leader.


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