Thursday, June 1, 2023

VIDEO: Referee annuls controversial goal against Santos vs. Striped, should it have counted?

The game back between Monterey and Saints It generated controversy in the first minutes, after the referee annulled a goal from the lagoons that could mean the global tie.

It was running minute 10 when alan cervantes sent a center to the area striped and Matheus Doria He finished off a goal, taking advantage of a rebound from the goalkeeper Stephen Andrada.

However, the players of the Gang began to claim a possible misplacement, so the central judge went to the VAR and after a review, canceled the annotation.

Said decision caused astonishment in the commentators themselves, since the play was quite closed and could have meant an overall tie at one goal in the tie, since minutes before Rogelio Funes Mori opened the scoring for the locals.

Even network users began to speculate on a possible “robbery” against Saintsbecause they considered that the goal should have been valid.


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