Friday, September 29, 2023

VIDEO: Mexican referee ends up injured by a ball to the face

An unusual situation occurred in the game of Gold Cup Quarterfinals between United States and Canada. a whistling Mexican It had to be substituted because, a few minutes after the start of the meeting, he received a strong ball on the left side of facesomething that injured him and made it impossible to continue with his job.

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It was the first minute of the game when a play stuck to the lime line led to the defending central of Canada, kamal millerto forget about problems and clear the ball out of the field; the peculiar thing came when after the clearance the ball impact he face of the whistler Christian Kiabek Espinosawho played standard bearer and had to leave he game.

prickly was attended by him Canadian National Team Medical Corps and withdrawn to the locker room after presenting a constant bleeding from the nose. It is said that in dressing rooms the intention of whistling was to recover to return to his post, but that was something that was not allowed due to the Hard hit.

It is important to mention that in this game will let us know the name of the other Gold Cup semifinalist team who will face Panamaremember that in the opposite key is Mexico which already has as a rival the Jamaican selectionthe same one who won his ticket earlier this Sunday.


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