Friday, September 22, 2023

VIDEO: Messi receives loud boos from the PSG fans; that was his reaction

Lionel Messi resumed activity with psg in the duel in which his team thrashed 5-0 against Ajaccio for day 35 of the league 1 after the directive sanctioned him for making a trip to Saudi Arabia without authorization.

As expected, the reception of the Argentine star by the Parisian fans was not the best, because even before the match started they made him notice his annoyance.

Already in the match, Messi was booed by a large part of the public that gathered at the Parque de los Príncipes every time he touched the ball.

However, this time the whistles were louder and more frequent than previous occasions, regardless of whether Leo created dangerous plays for the Parisians.

Despite this, the world champion in Qatar 2022 was calm and focused, even in a corner kick he is seen playing with the ball, showing calm in the face of the fans’ provocation.


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