Thursday, November 30, 2023

Video: Messi apologizes to PSG fans

The best player in the world, Lionel Messi, is in the middle of a storm with Paris Saint-Germain, after traveling to Saudi Arabia and missing a training session, for which it is expected that he will be sanctioned; Faced with this situation, the Argentine apologized through his Instagram stories, elegantly dressed and without arguing.

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In his short video, Messi acknowledged his mistake and He apologized to his teammates and the club, He explained that he thought they would be free after the game and that he had previously organized the trip to Arabia, although he had canceled it on another occasion and confirmed that he is waiting for what the club decides regarding his sanction.


Lionel Messi apologizes to the fans and his teammates after his trip to Saudi Arabia. He ensures that he will abide by the decisions made by PSG

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This video was unexpected, especially after the strong claims of the Parisian fans and it remains to be known what measures the club will take psgsince the relationship between managers and the player has not been the best lately.


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