Tuesday, November 29, 2022

VIDEO: Jorge Pietrasanta insults Álvaro Morales on a live show

A new controversial moment was experienced on Mexican television, after Jorge Pietrasanta and Álvaro Morales experienced a heated discussion that ended in an insult.

During the Futbol Picante program, the panelists discussed the continuity of Andrés Lillini, when the discussion was intensified and they remembered the discussion between David Faitelson and Ricardo Peláez.

“I don’t know if you say those things because you come drugged,” Morales said, to which Jorge Pietrasanta replied: “I’m going to tell you as they once said at this same table. You are stupid”, between the laughter of the panelists.

It should be remembered that these two panelists have starred in various intense discussions at the table of the famous analysis program.

The action did not go unnoticed among the fans, who have viralized the “fight” through social networks, comparing it to the insult that the now sports president of Chivas made against David Faitelson, at the Picante Soccer table, in 2018.

So far, neither of the two commentators has spoken on social networks about the situation they were involved in.

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