Friday, December 8, 2023

Video: Dramatic goring suffered by Joselito Adame in bullfight in Aguascalientes

The Monumental Square of Aguascalientes experienced an impressive scene during the traditional bullfights that take place as part of the San Marcos Fairwhere the matador Joselito Adame he suffered a dramatic goring in his presentation.

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The gored It occurred while he was attempting a crutch on the side of the right piton, which resulted in a strong goring to his left leg that knocked him out. launched into the airfalling totally decomposed and receiving a second impact from the side.

The matador was taken to the MAC clinic to be treated immediately and his condition is reported as serious, despite the fact that he left the arena by his own foot, a recovery forecast is reserved.

The San Marcos Fair witnessed moments of drama and bullfighting remains a sport filled with controversy and debate, where bullfighters risk their lives to entertain the crowds.


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