Tuesday, December 5, 2023

VIDEO: Dog causes cyclist Remco Evenepoel to fall in Giro d’Italia

Bad fortune was present in the cyclist Remco Evenepoel of Belgium in it Italy spinwhen due to a dog he had a serious accident that caused him to be treated and lose a lot of time in this competition.

The slippery pavement due to the rain and a canine that crossed its path in the middle of the road were the triggers for the fall of what for many was the favorite to win said competition.

In the video you can see how the peloton was going through the area where a dog was and although the world champion tried to dodge it, he couldn’t do it completely.

Despite his injuries, the experienced cyclist decided to continue on this fifth stage, although he had to change bikes.

Witnesses reported that the 23-year-old competitor was furious at the pet’s owner who did not take good care of him seriously affecting his career.


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