Monday, December 11, 2023

VIDEO: Coach goes crazy and hits rival after fight

A new controversial moment was experienced in African boxing, after a trainer lost his head and attacked a rival after a fight.

In the fight held in South Africa, where the local Jeff Magagane defeated his compatriot Sithembiso Maduna by decision, where the coach reacted.

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Muichael Sediane came face to face with Magagane and without warning, he launched a dozen attacks, while the boxer only managed to raise his guard to avoid damage.

This action came after the celebration of Magagane, who was placed in the corner raising his arms.

Faced with this situation, Boxing South Africa has launched an investigation into Sediane’s actions.

A statement read: “The act performed by Sediane is contrary to the spirit espoused by the Boxing Law and Regulations and has brought the sport into disrepute.

“BSA takes this matter very seriously and it is currently receiving attention and boxing stakeholders will be informed in due course of the outcome.”

Jeff Magagane (15-5) defeated Sithembiso Maduna (10-3) by majority decision to win the national featherweight title.


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