Saturday, April 1, 2023

VIDEO: Chivas warms up the National Classic with a homophobic chant with his fans

He national classic between Chivas and America is held this March 18 and the Herd He warmed up the game against his great rival with a controversial song, accompanied by his fans.

He set rojiblanco opened the doors of green valley to receive his followers and spend time with them before the most important match of the tournament. The fans enlivened the training with music and songs.

At the end of practice, the players approached the stands and among one of the chants that were sung was the controversial “he who does not jump is a wilo fagot”, to which the soccer players joined, jumping and laughing.

Both the players and the coaching staff thanked the fans for their support and confidence in the duel against the Eagles of the America.

At the moment, neither players nor clubs have manifested themselves in this regard; however, the footballers rojiblancos They lived a special moment with their fans, due to the good moment they are going through in the Closing 2023.


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