Monday, December 11, 2023

Victory over the Costa del Sol horn in A Sangriña (27-28)

Heart-stopping victory for Costa del Sol Málaga, who added two very worthwhile points on the horn in A Sangriña. Silvia Arderius scored the decisive seven meters after the referees indicated sabotage in the last defense of Mecalia Atlético Guardés. Triumph of the Panthers (27-28) in the Star Match of the day in the Iberdrola Guerreras League to make it nine in a row. A new demonstration of the competitive nature of Suso Gallardo’s team to prevail in a complex scenario. First joy of a week that will continue on Saturday in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.

The beginning is a good preamble to what would come later. It was difficult for the Malaga team to hit the target in front of goal, as they were comfortable on the run. In transition they did damage and with Isa Medeiros and Sole López as daggers they took the first advantages (2-4, 4-6). The defense was notable and the gaps were covered by Merche Castellanos with several stops (six in the first half). But at the halfway point a couple of seven meters and a defensive change caused the blinds to be lowered in the offensive zone. A goal in 10 minutes was the poor return for the Panthers, who paid dearly. The Galicians left, spurred on by a spirited crowd (12-9). Sara Bravo stopped the bleeding with three goals and compressed the break (14-13).

The inertia of the women from Malaga was good, as they made the most of it to avoid losing momentum. But in the blink of an eye the castle collapsed and the harshest moment of the morning was experienced. Suso Gallardo stopped him at 20-16. He hit the key and they regrouped with the help of Isa Medeiros to get back into the duel (21-20). He had regained his fluidity in attack, there was flow, although the bolt needed to be put back. There were several inferiorities, well resolved to continue with the exchange of blows. They had one more march and after a couple of goals from Patri Lima, Estela Doiro returned the baton, who made her debut five minutes from the end (25-26).

heart attack ending

Cacheda responded and soon Silvia Arderius did the same from seven meters. From there precisely the Madrid woman had the sentence with 90 seconds remaining. It didn’t come in and it was Elena Amores who broke the deadlock with just over half a minute left. The Malaga team attacked, stopping suddenly with three seconds left. It was taken by Rocío Campigli, who threw and her throw hit an opponent who was not at the correct distance when serving the free hit. Red card for María Palomo and the referees indicated sabotage. The decisive goal was scored by Silvia Arderius, who gave two extremely valuable points for the panthers. Nine consecutive victories for Costa del Sol Málaga, a competitive animal. On Saturday he will have to display that gene again in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.


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