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Vesely and Mirotic leave Barça one breath away from the Final Four

A stellar performance by Jan Vesely (26 points) and Mirotic (22) gave wings to barca to add the second consecutive victory against Zalgiris Kaunas (89-81) and stay just one win away from the Final Four in Kaunas. Barça knew how to maintain control against a Zlgiris that was always close but never endangered the victory.

As Barça already expected, Zalgiris showed up for the second game with a very different attitude, focused on defense and with good resolution in attackwhich allowed us to see a very even first half (45-44).

brazdeikis and Ulanovas started very “plugged in” in attack, something that allowed the Lithuanian team to stand up to Barça, who remained in the duel, although the offensive fluidity was not the same as in the first duel (11-12) where the Catalans clearly prevailed.

Nonetheless, Barça had a very even duel with the second unit on the field that came into play midway through the fourth. Good actions by Kalinic and Abrines, although Barça couldn’t close their defense, and Partizan controlled the first quarter (20-21).

Equality until the break

The duel did not change its face too much in the second set. Sanli was charged very soon with fouls (3) and gave way to Nnaji. Partiza continued to score easily with Birutis and Brazdeikis taking the helm of their team, much more effective than in the first duel.

Tobey, in an action of the second match against Partizan. JAVI FERRANDIZ

In those minutes of drawing, it was Jan Vesely who kept the Catalans in attackwith good combinations with Laprovittola, and Barça regained control, although only with small advantages (38-35).

No one imposed their defensive style, with attacks taking center stage with Ulanovas (9) and Brazdeikis (11) standing out for the Lithuanian team while the Czech center emerged as Barça’s great offensive supporter (18) with open game at halftime (45-44).

They can’t open the rent

After the restart, Barça tried to start with more speed in their game, which together with the success of Nikola Mirotic, with two triples in the first minutes, allowed Jasikevicius’ team control the score with a maximum of 6 points (55-49).

Jasikevicius giving instructions to Sergi Martínez. JAVI FERRANDIZ

Opening a gap against the Lithuanians cost horrorsand they immediately found offensive solutions to respond to the points from Mirotic, the most outstanding in the fourth for Barça and the three-pointers from Kuric, although Brazdeikis always found a way to score (63-63).

A spectacular triple by Laprovittola after a rehearsed play gave Barça a slim lead at the end of the quarter (68-66). He would have to suffer until the end.

A brilliant start for Barça gave them back the maximum income (72-66), but there was no way to control the game. The ex Barcelona Smits woke up with two consecutive triples to continue in the duel (74-73) although Barça did not give up in their attempt to open differences with actions by Mirotic and Satoransky (78-73).

heart attack ending

The game entered the final stretch and the tension rose at times with a Palau that did not stop cheering. AND Barça, with patience, found the spaces in attack with a spectacular Mirotic and Jokubaitis gave Barça its maximum after a spectacular triple (85-78) with 2:41 remaining.

But Barça was not about to let a second victory pass, which they managed to close in the final moments before the revelry of the Palau that was a party in thel possibly the last game of the season in the Euroleague.

Data sheet

89. Barcelona (20+25+23+21): Satoransky (6), Laprovittola (5), Abrines (5), Mirotic (22), Vesely (26) -initial team-, Tobey (-), Jokubaitis (9), Sanli (2), Martínez (-), Kalinic (8), Kuric (6) and Nnaji (-).

81. Zalgiris Kaunas (21+23+22+15): Taylor (7), Ulanovas (13), Brazdeikis (20), Butkevicius (7), Smits (8) -initial team-, Lekavicius (5), Birutis (10), Polonara (2), Dimsa (4), Hayes (3) and Giedraitis (2).

Referees: Sasa Pukl (ESL), Anne Panther (ALE) and Tomislav Hordov (CRO). No deleted.

Incidents: second game of the Euroleague quarterfinals played at the Palau Blaugrana in Barcelona in front of 7,041 spectators.


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