Thursday, September 21, 2023

Very soon Windows 11 will allow you to remove more pre-installed applications with just one click

Good news for users of Windows 11. Soon they will be able to remove a larger number of pre-installed apps in the Microsoft operating system. As reported The Verge, this new option is already being tested among the participants of the Windows Insider program; specifically, in the canary version of the software.

The development version of Windows 11 already allows users to uninstall built-in apps like Camera, Contacts, Photos and the Connection to remote desktop. But this is not all, since it will also be possible to banish the independent app from CortanaMicrosoft’s virtual assistant whose operation in the OS was recently discontinued.

Everything points to the option to uninstall more pre-installed utilities coming to Windows 11 in September, when Microsoft releases its next big update. Once this happens, the public will have the possibility to get rid of programs or tools that are often not used or that can run processes in the background and, therefore, consume resources unnecessarily.

Redmond’s focus on the level of control they allow users over their operating systems it doesn’t stop being curious. On the one hand, they make the very useful decision to allow them to delete pre-installed applications —something unimaginable in other times, but very grateful in these times where nobody supports the bloatware—, but at the same time they insist on forcing the use of Microsoft Edge as the default web browser. It is true that in recent times they have made this last position quite flexible, but it has come to cause a lot of anger among Windows 11 users.

Windows 11 will let you get rid of more pre-installed apps

For Microsoft to deepen its commitment to allow users to remove pre-installed applications is an excellent initiative. Toast deeper control over how Windows 11 works I’m sure it will be very useful to the public. Although it must also be recognized that this is not a 100% new proposal.

Those from Redmond already allowed you to remove some of their “factory” integrated apps, but not only in Windows 11, but also in Windows 10. In fact, today it is already possible to remove programs or utilities such as Mail and Calendar, the voice recorder and even the calculator.

If your PC has storage problems, you will not achieve great changes by uninstalling them. As examples, the Windows Calculator takes up just 72KB of disk space, while Mail and Calendar use just over 14MB. But that is not the point. The important thing is that if the public finds it necessary to remove them, either because they find them useless, because they annoy them, or because they prefer to use third-party software, they can do it with just one click.

Microsoft seems to have understood that this is a real need among users. And it’s very good that you decided do not ignore it in Windows 11. We’ll see if the option to remove more pre-installed applications actually arrives with the September update, which promises several other important news. Among them, native support for RAR and 7-ZIP archives and the adoption of Windows Copilot, a new artificial intelligence chabot/assistant.

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