Thursday, November 30, 2023

Vehicle supply is diversified in the Dominican Republic

At times where mobility is making a transition towards electric vehicles, any alternative that makes that change less drastic for those drivers who are used to cars with combustion engines, is welcome. In that sense, nissan has just introduced its e-POWER technology to the Dominican Republic with its new model X-Trail.

It is a technology that combines the performance of an electric motor with the benefits of a traditional vehicle. Although it may look like a conventional hybrid car, it is actually defined as the first powered vehicle 100% electric that does not require charging.

“At Nissan we are convinced that the system ePOWER it will be the gateway that will allow electric mobility to be brought closer to more and more people,” said Nissan’s commercial manager for Santo Domingo Motors, Oscar Santana.


The exclusive presentation to the media, which took place on tracks and narrow roads of the Hobbyland country and sports club, with the participation of the commercial manager of Nissan, Marielly Figueroa, and the communications manager of the automotive company, Paola Soto.

Figueroa highlighted that “Nissan e-POWER serves as a transition towards the electromobilityin a sustainable way, and being consistent with the conditions of our market, thus preparing ourselves for an electric future, conceived with the best experience for the driver in mind”.

The model comes to contribute “tranquillity” to drivers who are held back from purchasing electric vehicles due to the limited number of chargers available nationwide. During the event, they highlighted “it allows you to start that experience of riding in a vehicle that is totally powered by electricity but that is supplied through a gasoline engine,” they affirmed, while assuring that it is “It’s the best of both worlds.”

According to evidence to which the vehicle was subjected in the country, before its presentation, offers up to 944 kilometers with the supply of RD$4,300. As a result, although it requires fuelhas an efficiency that promises to reduce emissions by more than 60%.

As a result, e-POWER technology combines an electric motor to drive the wheels and a engine of gasoline to charge the battery, so there is no need to plug in the car. In addition, the energy produced when braking also helps to recharge the battery.

Another novelty with which it comes to the market is with the latest all-wheel drive technology e-4ORCE, where you get absolute control over the stability of the vehicle on the road. It also comes equipped with the e-Pedal system, which allows you to drive using only the accelerator pedal. That’s right, Nissan vehicles that have it implemented can start their journey by simply stepping on the accelerator, brake by letting go (it has regenerative braking) and stop the vehicle if it is not stepped on again, apart from accelerating, of course. It also has its brake pedal to stop the vehicle instantly.

The elDinero team was able to drive a Nissan X-TRAIL Advance, and corroborate the above. It has a 2.5L 4-cylinder engine, and a power of 181 HP and 6,000 rpm. It has a torque of 180 lbft with 3,600 rpm, plus an XTRONIC CVT transmission with manual mode plus Paddle Shifters. The car has a weight of 1,604 kg. The models that arrive in the country will have prices from US$42,900 for the SENSE, up to US$54,900 for the EXCLUSIVE.


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