Thursday, March 23, 2023

Vehicle production in Brazil falls 2.9% in February

Brazilian manufacturers produced 161,181 vehicles in February, including cars, light commercials, trucks and buses, a number 2.9% lower than in the same month of 2022, the industry employers reported on Monday.

Brazil’s production was not so low in February since 2016, which the National Association of Automotive Vehicle Manufacturers (Anfavea) attributed to the temporary stoppage of Volkswagen, Peugeot and Citroen factories due to lack of parts and to collective vacations offered to their employees by General Motors.

Brazilian automotive production in February, however, grew by 5.6% compared to January (152,666 units), according to data released by the employer.

Accumulated manufacturing in the first two months of 2023 amounted to 313,847 vehicles, with a growth of 0.8% compared to the first two months of 2022.

According to the employer, vehicle sales in Brazil also registered negative numbers in February, since the units sold were limited to 129,949, with a drop of 1.8% compared to the same month last year (132,331) and a decrease of 9.0% compared to January (142,852).

In the accumulated of the first two months of the year, however, sales grew by 5.4%, up to 272,801 units.

February sales were the lowest for the month in 17 years as a result of slowing demand both in Brazil and in countries supplied by Brazilian manufacturers.

Regarding exports, Anfavea reported that Brazil placed 34,313 vehicles abroad in February, with a drop of 17.2% compared to those shipped in the same month last year (41,449) but an increase of 3.8% compared to January ( 33,048).

In the first two months of the year, exports fell by 2.6%, to 67,361 units.


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