Wednesday, December 6, 2023

Vanshaj: Will ‘Yuvika’ be able to win the fight for justice? Shweta Tiwari impresses with the storyline of ‘Vanshj’, shared the promo

Just as Bollywood is trying to change its storyline and genre, similarly changes are being seen in the stories of the small screen. Sony SAB channel is coming up with a new, fresh storyline called ‘Vanshj’. This story is about a woman who is not even a part of the family. But she definitely knows how to fight for her rights.

New promo surfaced
Actress Anjali Tatari is going to play the role of ‘Yuvika Premraj Mahajan’ in the serial. However, in the promo which has been shared on social media by Sony SAB channel, it has not been told that what is the connection of this girl with the Mahajan family, but it is definitely understood that the young woman is ready to fight for her rights. She wants justice for her family.

The promo begins with ‘Next Mahajan Kaun?’ From the billboard, which Yuvika is watching while sitting in the metro. Along with this, it is being told in the breaking news that who will be the chairman of Mahajan Group of Companies? The video of the live press conference is all over the news channels, where the chairman of Mahajan Companies is about to be announced. Here Puneet Issar is telling that a young, dynamic and focused person is needed to become the chairman of Mahajan and all those qualities are inside his grandson. In the meantime, Yuvika reaches this press conference by metro and says that to handle this empire, great father also needs ability. The media persons present in the press conference ask who are you? On this, the actress tells her name and says Yuvika Premraj Mahajan. And the promo ends.

There is a voice in the background, he has learned from the essence of Gita, if the fire comes, then we have to fight with the family. The promo of ‘Vanshj’ ends here. Please tell that this serial will start on TV in the month of June 2023. Shweta Tiwari has also shared it on her Instagram timeline. The actress has written in the caption of the promo – Being a woman, I relate a lot to this promo. Looks like a very refreshing story, something different is being seen after a long time. Sony SAB you have done a good job.


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