Thursday, September 21, 2023

Valdez Albizu highlights the role of tourism in the Dominican economy

The Governor of the Dominican Central Bank (BCRD), Hector Valdez Albizuhighlighted the impact of the tourism sector for the generation of foreign currency and the economic growth of the country.

During his participation in the presentation of the results of the Ministry of Tourismcorresponding to the first semester of 2023, Valdez Albizu congratulated Minister David Collado and his team for the work they have done in the recovery process of the sector.

“The Minister of Tourism and his team, supported by the president, have made a transformation of the sector and of our economy, because the generation of foreign exchange of this sector allows us to finance our current balance of payment account”, said the governor of the BCRD.

The figures, according to Valdez Albizu, confirm that the Dominican Republic is oriented to be, “again, one of the most visited destinations in the region Latin America at the end of 2023”.

He stressed that the sector will be able to meet its goal of reaching the 10 million of visitors. “It is a very strong number for a sector that had to face three crises: covid, war and tropical storms.”

However, “they have managed to overcome everything with will and the desire to serve the country and contribute to the Dominican economy,” he said.

According to the governor, the tourism sector “helps balance current accounts, which contributes to boosting the economy.” In addition, it attracts foreign investment, whose executives “are thinking about the development of the country.”


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