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UT69 Review: Raj Kundra’s UT 69 spoils the mind as well as the mind, it is difficult to bear it.

I think we all must have seen some such movie in our life, seeing which a question would have arisen in our mind that what is happening? And why is whatever is happening happening? What is the purpose of making this film? And why am I wasting my 2 to 3 hours sitting here in the cinema hall? Raj Kundra’s film UT 69 is one of those films.

If you have seen the trailer of the film, then you would know that it depicts the story of Raj Kundra going to jail after getting trapped in a pornography case. And that’s all the film is. If you are wondering, in this you will be shown how Raj Kundra went to jail, whether he really used to make adult films, in jail he told people about the ‘injustice’ done to him, what he did after coming out, Why did he roam around the world wearing a mask, what was the condition of his family in his absence and many other questions which are in the minds of people, their answers will be found in this film, then you are wrong.

At the beginning of the film, Raj Kundra says that he was being stripped naked in the media. Seeing all this, he felt like holding a press conference and telling everyone the truth, but he did not do so in both real life and the film. The story of this film starts with Raj Kundra going to jail and ends when he gets bail. It is very difficult to tolerate whatever is happening in between.

While watching the film, you will understand that perhaps there might have been a prisoner with Raj Kundra in Mumbai’s Arthur Road Jail, who told him, ‘Raj Bhai, why don’t you make a film on your Arthur Road Jail!’ And Raj took her seriously. Because that’s what’s happening in the movie. Raj and his prisoner friend are talking about making a film together. Discussion is going on as to which prisoner will be mentioned in it. The crimes of different prisoners are being told. His jail daily routine is being shown.

Raj Kundra in the film UT 69

You feel bad after watching most of the film. Raj Kundra is trying to show you the troubles of the prisoners living in jail with this picture, but while watching the film, you would prefer to vomit instead of sympathizing with them. In every other scene of the movie, you are either being shown a dirty toilet or the sounds of someone cleaning their stomach are being heard. The food in the jail, the condition and behavior of the prisoners are all bad, but seeing this doesn’t make your heart ache. It is definitely bad, because similar things are being shown to you again and again. There is no dearth of scenes in the film that make you vomit. You will get these in abundance.

Raj Kundra’s commentary while in jail not only makes you laugh but also tells you how hollow his movie is. For example, after seeing people in jail, Raj thinks that ‘our country needs condoms’. While living in the jail cell, he is troubled by the beedi and cigarette smoke of the prisoners and says that people uselessly say that there is more pollution in Delhi. Come here and see, it is becoming difficult to breathe. Now who will tell Raj that these days it is becoming difficult for people in Delhi to breathe as well as see anything.

Another big and crazy thing that he said was that ‘I think everyone should go to jail at least once in their life’. So that people can understand the difficulties of life properly. But one thing that you still won’t know is what was the purpose of making this film. Did Raj Kundra want to clean his image? Because he failed in this. Did he want to show what a scary place prison is? Because these people already know. Did he want to show that he has lived his life so far with such privileges that he has never seen a dirty toilet or a cake made of soan papdi? Because he has been successful in this.

One question everyone wants to know the answer to is why the name of the film is UT 69. I will answer this also. UT considered under trial. When Raj Kundra went to jail, he was on trial. And his prisoner number was 69. So UT 69. After coming out of Arthur Road Jail, Raj Kundra had written a letter to the authorities expressing concern over the condition of the prisoners and the jail. Action was also taken on this. This is told to you at the end of the picture. Hey Raj Bhaiya, if I had to tell you such a thing, you would have posted an Instagram post. What was the need to make such a big film?

Well, coming back to the topic, let us also talk about acting. Seeing the trailer, it seemed that Raj Kundra would prove to be a very good actor. But it is not so. His fake British accent and his words are absolutely delicious. He himself has also written the story of this film. The rest of the actors are also not very special in the film. Shilpa Shetty is seen on TV in films. And she is heard talking to her husband on the phone in jail. Raj also keeps seeing his lawyers here and there, which makes no sense. From the film’s director to actors, cinematographer and others are new. You can already know this by watching the movie, but it has also been confirmed by writing in the credits.

So if you want to hear and see Raj Kundra and other prisoners bathing, fighting, eating belts, sneezing, spitting and burping in jail, then think about it.


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