Friday, September 22, 2023

Using Windows 11 on your mobile is possible thanks to Android 13

Android 13 has only been available for developers for a few days. Its characteristics, for the moment, are scarce. Small changes in the interface and improvements in some functions present in Android 12 stand out, but little by little we are discovering more details that suggest new and interesting features that could arrive in future versions. One of these novelties is the possibility to run an additional operating system on a smartphone with Android 13.

Using Windows 11 on your mobile is possible thanks to Android 13

Danny Lin, developer, and owner of a Google Pixel 6 updated to Android 13 Developer Preview has been able to run an ARM version of Windows 11 on your mobile using a virtual machine. Several images posted on his Twitter profile show the interface and access to some applications and programs of the Microsoft operating system. Lin also assures that it is “fully functional”. However, he has had to make some modifications so that the Pixel 6 can run Windows 11 without problems. Probably because the features of the smartphone may be insufficient when performing some tasks.

The ability of an Android 13 computer to run a Windows 11 virtual machine can be especially useful on tablets. Above all, considering that these devices have a larger screen and that Windows 11 ARM lets you run desktop apps, adding more features and options than the mobile version. Now, why is it possible to run Windows 11 on a mobile with Android 13? According to Android Authority, this is due to an improvement in the virtualization of Android 11. The aforementioned portal mentions a blog post from the development company Esper, where they reveal technical data on how this feature works.

Google begins rolling out Android 13, first to developers

The possibility of running an operating system on devices with android 13 improve in future versions. However, it does not seem that it will be something that any user can do from their smartphone. In any case, the rollout of the Android 13 beta has just started. In the next few months we will likely see new features. Google usually announces the news of its new versions of Android during the spring, at which time the betas will begin to be available to all users.


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