Sunday, December 10, 2023

Uruguay and China strengthen relations and point to new trade agreements

Uruguay and China They strengthened their relations and point to new trade agreements in various areas after the visit to the Asian country of the Minister of Livestock, Agriculture and Fisheries of that country, Fernando Mattos, who valued on Monday the willingness to collaborate with the Chinese government.

“We have with China a great complementarity because they have enormous appreciation for us and have received us in the best way with all the ministries that we interact with,” the minister said at a press conference.

Likewise, he reported on the advances between the two countries in which three protocols such as the one on live aquatic animals, which are estimated to be in the second half of this year, were ready for approval by both presidents, lemons and the one of sport horses.

In addition, a five-year plan for agricultural, fishing and aquaculture cooperation between both nations.

In this sense, Mattos valued the “positive signs” in other commercial areas in which both countries aspire to reach agreements such as wild aquatic animals, poultry meat, mondongo, tongue, head meats and the adequacy of the bovine permanence request that currently It’s in 90 days.

“The possibility of cooperation in the investigation of water resources was also opened as an important plan to increase what is the greatest exploitation of our aquatic resources,” he said.

Meanwhile, he stressed the importance of his visit to Hong Kong, in which he pointed out that it has an economy “five times higher” than Uruguay’s.

“We had a strong advance in the field of cooperation and agricultural research, livestock, grains, horticulture, biotechnology. The very outstanding project of the CAS, which is the main agency for agricultural research from China that they have been developing for many years through the exchange of materials, plasma and crop development, basically soy“, he asserted.

Thus, Mattos stressed that both countries aim to “increase the intention” and the possibilities of establishing a “comprehensive strategic association” for the development of trade and well-being of the population of Uruguay and China.

China is Uruguay’s main trading partner despite the fact that, according to the April export report, the Asian country ranked second in its foreign sales with 15% of total exports, which represented some US$111 million in income for the country. south american


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