Friday, December 2, 2022

Urfi Javed’s entry banned in UAE? Trouble happened because of the name, not the colorful clothes

Urfi Javed is caught in a new trouble. No… no… at the moment no celeb has targeted him, nor taunted him. Rather, this problem has arisen because of Urfi’s own actions. Urfi is afraid that now she will never be able to go to UAE. All this trouble has happened because of a new rule.

urfi got scared

Urfi recently shared a post, where she told that she will never be able to go to UAE i.e. Arab country. This is because according to the new rule of the country, the entry of Indians (who did not use the surname) with single name mentioned on the passport has been banned in Arabia. Only single name is registered on Urfi’s passport as well.

Sharing the post with this information, Urfi Javed wrote- … So my official name is now only UORFI, no surname, I have got it.

Urfi Javed’s post

Actually, Urfi had changed his name a few days back. Along with this change, Urfi had added ‘O’ to the English letters of his name. This means his official name is not ‘URFI’ but ‘UORFI’. Urfi got these changes done on all official and government related documents. That’s why Urfi got only UORFI written on his passport as well. Javed is not written on his passport. But because of this change, it has become difficult for them.

On November 21, Air India and AI Express issued a joint circular and announced that the UAE Immigration Department will not allow Indians with a single name on their passports. Those passengers will be declared as inadmissible passengers. This rule will be valid only on those people who bring visiting visa, visa on arrival or temporary visa. This means that the rule is only for those people, who come to Arabia for a few days or for a walk.

Now knowing this news in such a way, Urfi is bound to get scared! By the way, Urfi is making a lot of noise these days in TV’s dating reality show Splitsvilla. It is believed that he has also found his love here.

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