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Unstoppable India in the World Cup, winning six matches in a row

India has won six consecutive matches in the current World Cup. Rohit Sharma’s team won their sixth match by defeating the English by 100 runs. And the Englishmen played six matches and got the bitter taste of defeat in five matches. As a result, England’s hope for the semi was broken.

The English lost 8 wickets for just 98 runs to the bowling balls of the Indian bowlers after coming down to bat against the easy target of 230 runs given by India. England’s batsmen were helpless in front of the Indian bowlers today. Everyone was in procession. Liam Livingstone scored 27 runs for England today. Ben Stokes and Joe Root return to the dressing room before opening the run book. In the end, the English scored 129 runs after losing all the wickets after playing 34 overs of 5 balls. And India won by 100 runs.

Two English openers attacked the Indian bowlers today. He took 26 runs in 4 overs. But after that, the over fell.

The English lost four wickets for just nine runs. David Malan returned to the team’s 30 runs. He scored 16 runs off Bumrah’s 17 balls.

Bumrah returns Joe Root after Malan. He took two wickets in one over. Root fell victim to Bumrah’s LBW before opening his account of runs.

After Root’s departure, Ben Stokes also returned with zero runs from 10 balls. Mohammed Shami sent him back. Jonny Bairstow returned to become Mohammed Shami’s second victim after Stokes. Scored 14 runs off 23 balls before getting out. On his departure, the English lost 4 wickets for 39 runs.

Jos Buttler also went back the way of Jonny Bairstow. He returned to Kuldeep Yadav after scoring 10 runs off 23 balls.

Liam Livingstone and Moeen Ali formed a partnership after 5 wickets for 52 runs. 29 runs come from this pair. But this pair was broken by Moeen Ali’s departure for the team’s 81 runs. 15 runs came from his bat.

After Moeen Ali’s departure, Liam Livingstone formed a partnership with Chris Woakes. But even this pair could not go far. The pair broke when Chris Woakes returned with 10 runs off 20 balls.

Liam Livingstone also goes back the way of Chris Woaksock. Kuldeep Yadav bowled him as a victim of LBW. He scored 27 runs in 46 balls before getting out.

Adil Rashid and David Willey formed a partnership losing 8 wickets for 98 runs. 22 runs come from this pair. This pair broke when Adil Rashid returned with 13 runs. In the end, the English scored 129 runs after losing all the wickets after playing 34 overs of 5 balls. As a result, India won by 100 runs.

Earlier today, the English bowlers kept India’s two openers under pressure from the beginning of the match. India managed to get only 4 runs in 2 overs today. Then Rohit Sharma went on a rampage. But could not take their opening pair far.

This pair was broken by Shubman Gill’s departure for the team’s 26 runs. Shubman Gill, who scored 9 runs off 13 balls, was bowled by Chris Woakes and returned to the dugout. On his departure, India broke the opening pair for 26 runs.

After the loss of the first wicket, England pressed India further. After the first wicket, India managed to get only 1 run in 4 balls after 2 overs.

Under pressure, India then lost their second wicket. Virat Kohli went back before opening the run book. He returned after being caught by Ben Stokes at mid-off off David Willey.

Rohit Sharma and Shreyas Iyer led the Indian team losing 2 wickets for 27 runs. India tried to turn around by relying on this pair.

But even this pair could not go far. The pair broke when Shreyas Iyer left the team for 40 runs. Shreyas, who scored 4 runs off 16 balls, was caught by Chris Woakes at mid-on. Mark Wood at mid-on palmed the catch. As a result, Shreyas had to go back by 4 runs.

India fell into disaster after losing 3 wickets for 40 runs. Meanwhile, Rohit Sharma and Lokesh Rahul pulled the team out of disaster by forming a pair.

In between, Rohit Sharma took a personal half-century. He scored a half-century off 66 balls today against the English. Which includes 6 fours and 2 sixes.

India was gradually moving towards a big collection based on this pair. But after that, there is a downfall. Rohit-Rahul’s 91-run partnership was broken when Lokesh Rahul returned to Sajghar for the team’s 131 runs.

Rahul, who scored 39 off 58 balls, was caught by Jonny Bairstow at mid-on off David Willey and went back to the dugout. On his departure, India lost 4 wickets for 131 runs.

After losing 4 wickets for 131 runs, Rohit formed a partnership with Suryakumar Yadav. Meanwhile, Rohit was slowly moving towards the century. But today he fell short of a century by just 13 runs.

Rohit, who scored 87 runs off 101 balls, took a catch at deep mid-wicket off Adil Rashid. Liam Livingstone took a superb catch at deep mid-wicket. As a result, he had to go back to 87 runs, raising hopes of a century.

Ravindra Jadeja also returned after Rohit Sharma. Adil Rashid said he was a victim of LBW. Scored 8 runs off 13 balls before getting out.

Mohammad Shami returned in the over after Ravindra Jadeja returned. Shami scored 1 run off 5 balls

After Jadeja’s departure, Suryakumar Yadav formed a partnership with Jasprit Bumrah. But this pair was broken by the departure of Suryakumar Yadav for the team’s 208 runs. Today Suryakumar Yadav missed his personal half century for just 1 run. After scoring 49 runs off 47 balls, David Willey was caught at deep point and returned to Sajghar.

In the end, India managed to get 229 runs after losing 9 wickets in the allotted 50 overs. In the end, Jasprit Bumrah scored 16 runs.

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