Thursday, March 23, 2023

unknown Alfred N’Diaye

Alfred N’Diaye caused the shock and controversy of the day as far as Málaga CF is concerned. The Senegalese was absent from training for no reason and the club could not contact him until early in the afternoon. The fear that something had happened to him, with the precedent of the weekend, was evident, but finally the club confirmed that the footballer is perfectly fine and today he will have to explain his lack.

The blue and white club was unable to contact Alfred N’Diaye until early in the afternoon, after trying all morning without luck and even asking people around her with concern. The good news is that he is in perfect health, after last Friday he was rushed to the hospital due to syncope. The entity of martyrs wanted to convey quickly that the player, who on Tuesday he trained normallyHe was in perfect health.

Now, after learning that he is healthy, the club wants to know the reasons why he did not attend training this Wednesday. For what they have cited N’Diaye this Thursday to a meeting in The Rose Garden with Kike Perez, the blue and white general manager, to explain the reasons why he did not attend the work session along with the rest of his colleagues. And more in an important week where Levante arrives on Friday.

What could have happened? Everything points to that N’Diaye could be getting confused in the training schedule from Malaga. Well, this Monday there was, for example, a session in the afternoon after the trip from Gran Canariawhile yesterday was morning.

In addition to what it means that a player has not gone to his job, there has also been some nervousness due to the reasons why the midfielder could not even travel to Gran Canaria.

At least, Alfred N’Diaye He is in perfect health. Now you will have to explain kike perez about what happened.


Regarding the rest of the group, the pertinent medical tests have confirmed the muscular injury in the hamstrings of the left leg of Andres Caro. The center-back trained on the sidelines, just like Unai Bustinza, Haitam and Victor Olmo. For his part, Alex Gallar He was resting due to low back pain.

The blue and white squad will train again this Thursday at 6:00 p.m. at La Rosaleda.


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