Tuesday, December 5, 2023

United under the green dream

Rarely has a team excited its fans as much as the current Unicaja. And it is that when the group of players and the technical team give the stature as they are doing, the fans can not do anything other than follow them wherever they go. The symbiosis is complete.

Everyone talks about the compositor followers, who flood any space with the colors green and purple; of the climate of competitiveness and passion for basketball that is breathed in each of the games played at the José María Martín Carpena. The atmosphere and the fans of our team are always factors that worry any rival almost as much as the technical quality of the players.

After a complicated season like last 2021/2022, this year the “Green Tide” has resurfaced again; The “more than ten thousand” in each game, both in the ACB League and in the Basketball Champions League, on a Wednesday at 7:00 p.m. or on a Sunday at 12:30 p.m., have almost become a habit. The faithful to the Guindos team have not failed on any occasion, vibrating with our Unicaja, whatever the city.

Us fans have always been lucky enough to experience the tension and satisfaction of winning each of the titles that hang from the roof of the pavilion: the Korac Cup, the two Copas del Rey, the ACB and the Eurocup. Despite all these achievements, the Mihitas have yet to get a chance to play the club’s anthem after winning a title at home. Until now.

This week the Final Four of the BCL will be held in Malaga. In the fans, we face this challenge with enthusiasm: the desire to see great games, to fight, and to enjoy. Eager to give us the voice and have as bad a time as it takes from the stands in order to win the title of champions, the second great triumph of the season. A true milestone for our club. The thrill of lifting this trophy at home for the first time has to be unparalleled.

I know. The important thing is not only to win, but to have gone all this way together. But I think that it is understood, me and the ten thousand throats that we will roar during the weekend in Carpena. I doubt that throughout this week we will be able to dream of anything other than holding a final like this in our city, and I am sure that more than one will sleep little until the initial break of the first game.

It is not easy to describe the feeling of a fan a few hours after starting an event like this, and less being aware of the real possibility of painting another title green and adding it to the team’s record. However, at this point, there is no other option than to give ourselves as much as the players, and celebrate it in the same way in which we have come this far: united.


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