Thursday, June 1, 2023

United Kingdom and Brazil, the winners on the third day of the Longines Global Champions Tour

under the Longines Global Champions Tour2023 edition of the Mexico Citywas held on the third day of the event based in field mars. The three competitions for today were: Broxel Pay CS12 Trophywith a height of 1.35 m, Mercedes-Benz Trophy CS15 with a height of 1.50 m Banorte Trophy CS15 with a height of 1.55 m.

For the last two competitions, in the trophy Mercedes Benz the podium was as follows: Scott Brash he won first place with a time of 32.84 seconds. Second place was awarded to Nina Mallevaey with 33.50 and, finally, the Portuguese Rodrigo Giesteira Almeida with 33.70 it was the third place.

In the last competition of the day, in the first round, one of the participants suffered an accident when his horse ran into one of the obstacles and both fell to the ground. The rider was injured and the emergency services had to attend to him immediately, taking him out on a stretcher. The horse was also damaged in the action.

Finally, the last podium of the day was divided as follows: First place went to the Brazilian Yuri Mansur with a time of 78.41 seconds, Isabella was in second place russekoff with 79.72 seconds and Eduardo Pereira with 75.92 seconds.

Tomorrow, the actions of the Longines Global Champions Tour with the following agenda: Arzyz Trophy, Banorte Trophy, GNP Trophy and the last of the Palacio de Hierro Trophy.


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