Monday, December 11, 2023

Unicef ​​favors modifying the Labor Code to increase paternity leave

The representative in the Dominican Republic of United Nations Children’s Fund (Unicef), Rosa Elcarte, congratulated this Tuesday the different proposals presented in the country for the revision of the Labour code that seeks to increase the paternity leavewhich is currently “only” two days.

“These proposals constitute a milestone of the utmost importance for the development of newborn babies of the Dominican employeesgiven that parents during these first days will be able to support mothers to care for their little ones and breastfeed them properly,” Elcarte said in a document.

He expressed that “this will allow parents to exercise their right to be part of the care of their newborns, fostering attachment between the father and the baby, since the father will be more easily involved in the attention and care of the child in his first years.” years of life, which are vital in a child’s day-to-day to determine its proper development”.

He stressed, in turn, that the advances in the investigations of the neuroscience have shown that the attachment from the first days of the baby’s life to the father is a decisive factor for the development of the brain and that this neural development be optimal.

“The healthy relationship of babies with their parents is the foundation on which both mental and physical health are based, as well as learning results, self-esteem, social skills and the ability to adapt and be productive,” he added. the diplomatic

On the other hand, he indicated that there are studies that indicate that parents who are adequately involved in raising their children protect their families from “violence” and “neglect”, and promote parenting models based on “respect”. and “equality”.

Elcarte recalled that public servants already have 15 business days of paternity leave as provided in Decree 312-22 of June 14, 2022, as well as other permits for pediatric care and special programs that facilitate responsible parenthood.

“Also,” he stated, “several private businesses in the country, as part of their social responsibility, they have increased the number of days of paternity leave”.


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