Friday, June 2, 2023

Unicaja starts the challenge of ascending to the LF Challenge

The Unicaja of the Women’s League 2 is already preparing for the challenge that lies ahead in Inca of seeking promotion to the LF Challenge, second category of national women’s basketball. Unicaja Mijas will begin its journey this Thursday, April 21, starting at 5:00 p.m. in front of the Unilever Viladecans BF (broadcast on Cana FEB).

The coach of Unicaja Mijas, Jesus Lazaroanalyzes how the team reaches the last stretch of the season, having won 12 of their last 13 matches in Women’s League 2, thus getting the last ticket to play the last leg of the competition.

The coach analyzes the difficulty of the event, which pits the 8 best teams from the two LF2 groups against each other for only two promotion places: “The first game is going to be very difficult, because everything is new, there is a lot of pressure, the team is very young and there are many expectations. But we go with the maximum guarantee for the first”.

Lázaro pointed out that his Unicaja Mijas is “a team that plays with a lot of aggressiveness, a lot of energy. We have a very distinctive style, with defense across the entire field, short possessions… nobody does that. Being able to take advantage of the youth and energy of many players. But we face 7 teams with many professional players who know what a Rise Phase is. Not ours, but it’s not the same to see us on video than to put yourself in front of us”.

Finally, the coach ended by stating: “We have a plan, which is very basic, but it is to defend the shield 100%. And as the one who plays for this club, he has that ambition, well, we go with that ambition to achieve promotion and defend the shield as if it were the last competition of the year, which in fact it is”.


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