Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Unicaja puts a finishing touch to the acts of its 30th anniversary

The ’30th Anniversary, Unions that add up’ Gala put an end this Monday to the acts celebrating the 30th anniversary of Unicaja. The Teatro Cervantes hosted an event that brought together multiple personalities from Spanish and European basketball and also leaders from other areas of local, Andalusian and national entities, as well as a large representation of players, workers and managers from the Los Guindos club.

The gala, which was presented by the legendary player from Malaga berni rodriguez and the Spanish international Marta Fernandezhad the setting of the brass band ‘Los Mihitas’ and other musical performances such as Efecto Mariposa and the duo Javi and Pablo, sons of Javier Imbroda, an ex-technical composer sadly deceased. Throughout the hour and a half that the event lasted, images and videos from all eras of the compositor club were reproduced, from its beginnings to the present day.

The year of this 30th anniversary could not have been better at a sporting level for the Los Guindos entity, and it is not over yet. During the gala there was time to celebrate the Copa del Rey title won in February by the Unicaja first team players, present at the event, and the women’s recent promotion to the Women’s Challenge League, achieved this past weekend. «What there was was a dream, a dream shared by all. Sometimes wonderful things happen and the plan is better than the dream,” he said. ibon navarroUnicaja coach, during the gala.

Jorge Garbajosa, president of the FEB or Antonio Martín, top leader of the Endesa League, were two of the most notable interventions at the start of the event. Then came the turn of Patrick Comninos, CEO of the BCL, who took the floor and addressed those present in perfect Spanish: «It is an important event for us, we have to thank the club, the city. Your support is very important to organize this event. It is a fantastic pavilion, the public is excellent ». The person in charge of the European tournament will be present this Tuesday at the draw for the Final Four, which will be held from May 12 to 14 at the Martín Carpena.

Another of the most important moments of the gala was the intervention of José Manuel Franco, current president of the Higher Sports Council (CSD)who announced that he had already signed “the order granting Unicaja the gold plaque for sporting merit for its successes and support for basketball.”

Francisco de la Torre, mayor of Malaga; Francisco Salado, president of the Provincial Council and Arturo Bernal, Councilor for Tourism, Culture and Sport of the Junta, represented the Malaga and Andalusian institutions.

On behalf of Unicaja Banco, its president attended Manuel Azuaga. «We will continue to bet heavily on Unicaja. We are an inseparable pairing”, he said in reference to his synergy with the Unicaja Foundation. «The promotion of sport is part of Unicaja’s philosophy and we are convinced of the importance of sport in people’s lives. We want to continue in that line», said the president of the Foundation, JOsé Manuel Dominguez.

Finally, he spoke Antonio Jesus Lopez Nieto, president of Unicaja Basketball: «It is a big day for us. It has closed like a dream. I hope to continue dreaming. We continue ».

The act culminated with the interpretation of the Unicaja hymn by the choir of Santa María de la Victoria.


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