Thursday, March 30, 2023

Unicaja meets again this Sunday with Pérez Pérez in Murcia

Miguel Angel Perez Perez

Miguel Angel Perez Perez
Sara Gordon/ACB Photo

Miguel Ángel Pérez Pérez has recently been the ACB referee with whom Unicaja has had the worst luck. This coming Sunday, the referee from Puerto Real will lead Ibon Navarro’s team again, for the third time this season, with a balance so far of two defeats in the two games that the man from Cádiz has led Unicaja this season: on the Baskonia, in the premiere of the Endesa League 22/23, and on the Barça pitch, the latter very controversial and which provoked the anger of the club and fans.

You have to remember that In that match at the Palau Blaugrana, there was a statistical data inappropriate for elite sport and for which it is difficult to rationally explain, since Barça launched 26 free throws and Unicaja only 3, two of them in the last minute of the game with the score already fully decided.

Miguel Angel Perez Perez. Twitter

Unicaja’s problems with Pérez Pérez come from afar since last season was not very successful either in the compositor visits to Valencia Basket and Gran Canaria which ended, by the way, with another two defeats for the green team and a lot of discomfort in the club due to their decisions during both games.

Pérez Pérez has not yet set foot on the Martín Carpena so far this season, but nevertheless it will be the third time that Unicaja will find him at home. I hope he has more luck this time than in his last games leading the green and purple team.


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