Monday, September 25, 2023

Unicaja-Limoges: Ticket to the BCL quarterfinals?

Unicaja can take a very important step today in the Basketball Champions League. It may seem like one more match against a Limoges (8:30 p.m.) which has already been removed from Europebut the compositor set is played, without directly depending on himself at this moment, how easy or difficult his path to the Final Four continental. In other words, the possibilities that you will have on the last day of the Round of 16 from being first in the group to having the home court factor in the quarterfinals. So the impact of the match will not be final, whatever happens against the French.

Beyond winning again, there are several aspects that are almost more important than the result itself. Apart from the fact that the last two matches have ended in defeat, Unicaja has lost the spark and the rhythm of the game, it is no longer that fresh team that has dazzled in Spain and in Europe, much less that of the Badalona King’s Cup.

Precisely, it has been the management of the cupbearer ecstasy that has led to this moment of downturn -as expected as it is understandable-. ibon navarro He granted the squad a week off after returning from the knockout event. The team freed its mind, but now it drags those days without training right in a period in which it plays two games a week and even three. That “toll” that the club insist on. To which must be added the loss of success in the shotespecially from the triple by players who have not recovered even 50% of what they have shown to be.

Recovering these types of aspects is more important than the result of the Unicaja-Limoges in it Group K of the Round of 16. Scoring shots again, being forceful in the rebounds, regaining vitality in the counterattack, security on the part of all the players, practicing easy basketball… It is a more important match from the point of view psychic to face with better sensations the barca and the AEK -that will truly decide everything-, than because of the importance of what the final score entails.

Who has been affected by this racking has been Dario Brizuela. The guard already played against him UCAM Murcia with a hemorrhage in the quadriceps of his right leg and now it’s time to stop. Decision of the player himself and the coaching staff will be the availability before the Limoges. The intention of Ibón Navarro, As he explained at a press conference, it seems clear and it is to give him rest to arrive in perfect condition for the next matches.

So the coach from Vitoria will have to make bobbin lace to distribute the minutes of play for the intense end of the month of March. there could be important Mario Saint-Supery. Without Nihad Djedovic and without brizuelathere are 10 players with whom he has ibon navarro with a perimeter affected by casualties (including the young youth squad). It could be a very good opportunity for Mario to gain confidence and continue gaining experience, now in Europe, with the first team.


If he Unicaja-Limoges It has no definitive significance in the classification of the Group K it is because the AEK-Galatasaray it can be practically decisive. If AEK wins – the least favorable option – Unicaja would automatically be a team in the quarterfinals (even losing against the French). Now, to reach the first place, it would be necessary to win in Greece. On the contrary, if he wins Galatasaraythe typesetters would even have the ‘licence’ to lose in Thessalonikialthough by a difference that will be known definitively this afternoon-night depending on the final result in Athens, to have home court factor in the play-offs (as long as it does not fail against Limoges).

Whatever it is, the future of Unicaja It will be decided in seven days. Now, we already know ibon navarro and to the team. For whatever happens in Greek lands, Unicaja will go with everything to win against Limoges. That is “non-negotiable”.


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