Friday, September 29, 2023

Unicaja assumes the departure of Darío Brizuela to Barça

In Los Guindos they take the player’s exit for granted, that he would have already communicated to the coach, Ibon Navarro, his decision to break his relationship with Unicaja to play for the culé team from September. Unicaja is already awaiting Barça’s next move, which will have to pay the money to the compositor club, an essential condition for Brizuela to be able to break his contract with Unicaja and thus the culé team can receive the player’s FIBA ​​rights.

Brizuela and Alberto Díaz, a couple that will break up this summer. ACBPhoto

to the last euro

The compositor rectors are very clear that they are not going to negotiate with Barça. This decision is made and there is no going back. Barça will have to pay up to the last euro cent of Brizuela’s release clause to be able to dress the Blaugrana player.

Brizuela renewed last April with Unicaja for the next three seasons, until June 2026. A multi-year contract extension that allowed Unicaja to place a million-dollar termination clause in his contract due to the possible interest of important teams for the “mamba Basque” in the future. Without even being able to start that extension of his contract with Unicaja, Barça has gotten involved in this new transfer policy of the culé club, betting on top-level Spanish players such as Joel Parra, Willy Hernangómez… and now Brizuela.

It is only a matter of time before Brizuela’s departure to Barça is official. At Unicaja they are aware that next season he will not be in the team and When he officially leaves, a decision will be made on when and how to go on the market in search of his replacement. At the moment it’s time to wait for Barça to arrive with the money…


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