Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Unicaja 78-69 Joventut: A team of ten

The tenth is here. The tenth of an unstoppable team, of an “overrated” team and of a team that will leave an unforgettable mark on this city. Basketball triumphed 11 players who left their hearts for him Unicaja in an afternoon-night in which, despite what the result may say, they devastated from start to finish against an impotent Joventut (78-69) that he could only get close with individual shoots.

This team is a spectacle day after day, rival after rival. It almost doesn’t matter if it’s at Martín Carpena or at one of the most overwhelming tracks in the ACB, such as Pazo dos Deportes. It had been 15 years -which is said soon- that the compositor team had not won 10 consecutive games. 15 years!! He has added victory after victory in a pluperfect April and the squad will arrive in a state of plethoric form to the Final Four of the Basketball Champions League.

The dart was nailed this Sunday to the target against a Penya from which they already have three victories with four games to go in the Regular Phase. A fundamental step forward to close, at least, fifth place. Average between both tied and it will be necessary to throw general in case of a tiebreaker. Of course, everyone knows what the Real objective: hunt Tenerife (4th).

It does not matter if it is with the first kit, with the second or blue and white dresses to support the Malaga CF. The Kendrick Perry show continued, Will Thomas continued to display his chair from the painting, Jonathan Barreiro exhibited again an amazing state of form… which is already normal in Martín Carpena. And all this without a Dario Brizuela who was rested by Ibon Navarro to recover from his knee discomfort.

What is not surprising is that it is already the ‘green tide’. 10,102 people they came to lead their own towards victory and incidentally they made April 30, 2022 the blackest day of the season to Joel Parra. 32:38 minutes it took him to score his first points. Carpena gave him a classy “ovation” at his presentation and every time he touched the ball. He, well, he was failing almost everything, powerless and without, for example, playing anything in the second quarter -when it is capital for his team-.

Perry, going to the basket. Daniel Perez

collective exhibition

It was a spectacular game from the initial whistle with different ways of attacking. Joventut looked for Kravish’s seams with a powerful Ante Tomic, while the ‘5’ compositor began assisting from the center of the area so that his teammates began scoring from 6.75 (min. 7, 15-12). That in attack because in defense he fell in love with a supportive display of hands and constant help that many times left those of Carles Durán without ideas. 20-15 to close the first quarter.

The execution of Ibon’s plan was masterful. As if that were not enough, a 7-0 run on the return to the court (27-15). She very seldom had seen Penya so disappeared. The control was tinted – this Sunday – blue and white. 3:30 minutes it was difficult for the green and black to score again (30-17) and only through Tomic. From then on, it’s not that the compositor offensive was splendid -many mistakes under the basket-, but it was The work at the back was so good that the visitors could not cut anything without the Croatian center (36-25).

They had many things to improve. They returned to the court with 2:43 minutes left before the game started again and all the talk in the locker room was useless. If Kravish, who had been very erratic, and Osetkowski began to do damage from within… they had little to do (50-36). It was unimaginable to see such a desperate rival. Only Guy and Ellenson could make up something -with some rotations that left the people of Malaga with fewer resources- (62-48).

Victory seemed certain, now we had to focus on the average (+9). And it only seemed because Joventut reached seven (66-59). They could count on many previous centimeters and a lot of talent. Although not with the best fans in the world. All those 10,102 people took theirs by the hand to cover any inch of the track and beat La Penya. 78-69, the tenth to close an unforgettable month of April.

I hope Málaga CF does as well as Unicaja has done with this special shirt to support the football club. To continue fighting for permanence against Huesca this Monday (6:30 p.m.).


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