Thursday, June 8, 2023

UNESCO will present policy guidelines on the use of AI in September

The Unesco will present a set of policy guidelines on the use of information in September artificial intelligence (AI) generative, as well as on frameworks of skills in this technology for students and teachers in the education sector.

Proposals will be presented during the Digital Learning Weekwhich will take place at the Unesco headquarters in Paris from September 4 to 7, the organization reported in a statement on Friday.

To start a first discussion, the United Nations for Education, Science and Culture organized an online conference of education ministers yesterday, Thursday, in which about forty holders participated.

The discussion showed a series of common concerns, such as the adaptation of educational systems to the changes that AI is generating, the integration of technology in methods and study plans or exams and, in addition, how to mitigate the problems that it implies, such as the realization of errors and biased information.

He debate The ministerial meeting also showed that governments around the world are formulating responses to the rapid evolution of the situation, with the development or adaptation of the strategies national laws on AI or data protection.

“Generative AI opens up new horizons and challenges for education. But we must take urgent steps to make sure that new AI technologies are integrated into education on our terms,” ​​Stefania Giannini, deputy director general of the University, said in the note. Unesco for Education.

He added that “it is our duty to prioritize the securityinclusion, diversity, transparency and quality, as established in the UNESCO Recommendation on the Ethics of Artificial Intelligence”, unanimously approved by its 193 member states in November 2021.

A survey carried out by Unesco in more than 450 university centers showed that less than 10 percent of them have developed institutional policies or formal guidance on the use of generative AI applications.

This shows, according to the organization, that institutions face a “challenge” when it comes to responding to the emergence of these tools, which can quickly create written and visual content.


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