Saturday, January 28, 2023

UMA Antequera says goodbye to the Copa del Rey against Levante UD FS

The defense of the title of champion of the Copa del Rey ended in the Paterna Municipal Pavilion. The BeSoccer CD UMA Antequera suffered a heavy defeat against Raise UD FS (5-0) and said goodbye to a tournament in which he had competed very well in recent seasons, especially the last one with that unforgettable finish in the olive sand of Jaen. It was not the desired result, but in elite sport you have to know how to live with positive dynamics and with others that are not so positive. In this start of 2023, the university students are not accompanied by the results Neither in the League nor in this round of 16.

The draw for the round of 16 sent those from Jose Antonio Borrego “Tete” away from City of the Dolmens. This type of match offers the possibility of taking a step forward at both a sporting and emotional level and, after the success of the previous year, it could not be seen as a simple procedure. The first goal could have come very soon. Pablo Ordonez sent the ball to the base of the post in a precise delivery of cobarro. The intensity in the pressure was the key to dominating the first bars.

It just lacked a bit of precision in finishing. The attitude of the university students was correct and, in addition, they were accumulating dangerous approaches to the goal defended by faith. Quique Hernando He tried to get past the keeper with a low shot that he deflected with his foot. He resisted the 0-1. Barona He shook the goal with a tremendous outside left foot. I raised He held on to make it 0-0 and, before reaching the middle of the first half, Hamza invented a great individual action and beat Rabbit with a very tight shot to the upper angle (1-0). The goalkeeper could not do anything to prevent the goal with which the scoring was opened.

the pupils of Tete lost control initially and, in a construction zone stall, Dener attended to pachu in the play of 2-0. Perhaps too much punishment considering the number of occasions in one area and another. In rest time, Tete he talked to his players, tried to lift their spirits and gave them the task of raising the level in the second half. The electronic was not adjusted, quite the contrary, the Levantine formation increased its advantage with a target of Antoniazzi. The closure surprised Rabbit with a left foot under the legs (3-0). The tie became more and more complex and the figure of faith. The goalkeeper had one of those inspired days in which he placed the bolt under the posts without giving the attackers a chance.

At minute 29, Peter Bull resorted to genius to leave alone miranda in front of the goal. A subtle touch from behind deactivated his defender and left his teammate 4-0 on a layup. Cut the goalkeeper and pass to the net. The wide disadvantage forced to resort to the attack of five with goalkeeper-player. Several clear situations were generated to score a goal. faith prevented it. Neither cobarro from all positions davilillo left-handed and neither Miguel with his powerful outside throw. There was no option to release the locker. Rafael Usin, two minutes from the conclusion, established the definitive 5-0 with a shot on empty goal before the attack with goalkeeper-player of his rival. The BeSoccer CD UMA Antequera said goodbye to King’s Cup in Paterna and now focuses all his efforts on the league championship and his fight for permanence. Next Sunday, January 29, at 12:30 p.m., he will play the 18th day on the pitch of Jimbee Cartagena.

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