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UMA Antequera dies on the shore against Palma Futsal

Once again, and there are already several this season, andfutsal did not show the happiest face to BeSoccer CD UMA Antequera. Nor did he have the necessary fortune to avoid a bitter outcome. He fought with claw until the last action in search of some point that, in the final stretch of the league championship, acquires a very high value given the equality at the bottom of the table. The narrow defeat at Argüelles against Mallorca Palma Futsal (1-2) left, at least, one hot nail to hold on to. There is no advantage over relegation, with Aspil-Jumpers Ribera Navarra drawing with Industrias Santa Coloma (2-2), but they have not yet fallen into the danger zone and we must believe and be optimistic in order to give definitively the necessary step forward, of all the members of the squad, to fulfill the dream objective of permanence in the First Division.

The visit of Mallorca Palma Futsal, second placed and finalist of the UEFA Futsal Champions League, It was a complicated appointment framed in the penultimate day in the Fernando Argüelles Pavilion. The last one, hopefully with options to complete the set challenge, will be held in the green fort. Before there will be two consecutive outings to the slopes of Levante and Betis. Antonio Vadillo used his entire team and turned to his most unbalanced players from the beginning. The motivation of being close to first place encouraged him to use all his weapons. Cobarro had his first big chance after a pressing start. The 12 received, near the area, and his shot went over the crossbar. The role of the power forward from Cieza (Murcia) who has suffered physical discomfort that has prevented him from performing at 100% is important and his finishing ability should make the difference in the conclusion of the competition.

The 0-0 scoreline was broken in the 7th minute. Cleber left close to the touchline and put the ball inside the area where Gordillo appeared to deflect the ball into the back of the net (0-1). A first blow that the local team had to accept and try to recover, while the visitors had more peace of mind when it came to playing and imposing their game plan. Vadillo moved the bench, distributed minutes and the author of the first target put, for the second time, his signature on the result. The 39th of the Balearic squad hit a cross shot before which Conejo (0-2) could do nothing and extended the advantage. The contest became much more complicated. Conejo avoided making it 0-3 with a providential stretch in which he just touched the ball on an outside shot from Mancuso. The first part ended with excessive punishment and Tete gathered his boys in the locker room. The coach sent a message of encouragement and gave him confidence in the face of what was still to be played on the 40×20.

You had to believe. The fans did it from the stands and the university warriors received the necessary encouragement to increase the intensity, show more grit in each action and go with everything to reverse the score. The attacks increased and only a bit of luck was needed in the definition facing the goal. Cobarro sent a deflected right hand, as did Barona with a left foot on the counterattack. The stake changed in minute 30. The goalkeeper Luan Muller touched the ball with his hand outside his area and the referee showed him the direct red card. This situation generated a superiority of two minutes that led to the 1-2. Burrito put the ball into the penalty area with power and Cobarro put his foot to score the 1-2 and lift the public from their seats. This goal was what was needed to believe that it was possible to obtain a positive result on the 27th round of the championship.

Burrito was decisive in the 1-2 and, even more, by preventing the 1-3 from under the sticks. The coach of the Antequera formation resorted to everything he had available on his bench. He turned to Miguel who is recovering from a muscle injury, but the captain came out in actions from set pieces and, in the final stretch, in the attack of five with goalkeeper-player. This offensive variant allowed the Mallorcan box to be enclosed in their area and give one last push. The tie could have come several times and unfortunately it did not happen. The clearest was Burrito at the far post and ran into a providential intervention by Carlos Barrón who launched himself with everything and deflected the shot with his shoulder. A pity that this launch was not the one for 2-2. A point would have been a reward for the effort made and, in addition, an important reinforcement in the fight for salvation. We must turn the page and BeSoccer CD UMA Antequera must focus all its attention on the commitment of the next Friday, May 5, at 8:45 p.m., on the Levante UD pitch.

Data sheet

BeSoccer CD UMA Antequera: Rabbit (P), Alvarito, Oscar ©, Burrito and Cobarro. They also played: Chispi (P), Pope, Pablo Ordóñez, Davilillo, Dani Ramos, Quique, Daniel Fernández and Barona.

Majorca Palma Futsal: Luan Muller (P), Tomaz, Chaguinha, Eloy Rojas and Tayebi. Also played: Carlos Barrón (P) ©, Mancuso, Moslem, Cleber, Carlitos, Fabinho, Cainan and Gordillo.

Goals: 0-1 Gordillo (7′), 0-2 Gordillo (16′) and 1-2 Cobarro (30′).

Referees: Fran Castillo and Alejandro Martinez. Alvarito and Burrito were admonished by the locals and Cleber by the visitors.

Pavilion: Fernando Arguelles.


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