Friday, December 8, 2023

UK fraud level exceeded £1.3bn in 2022

The cases of fraud in the United Kingdom They reached 1.2 billion pounds sterling (€1.382 million) in 2022, the equivalent of 2,300 pounds (€2,649) per minute, according to figures compiled by the UK Finance group.

I agree with you calculations released today, last year there were three million scams, mainly for fraud related to the most common payment cards.

uk finance pointed out that these losses were not always reimbursed to those affected by banking entities and urged technology companies to “share the load” to cover the costs.

He fraud It is currently considered the most common crime in the UK.

Despite everything, the amount of Stolen money in 2022 it was 8% less than in 2021 and fraud cases were reduced by 4%.

In addition to cards, the investigation observed cases of “romance” fraud, in which scammers pretend to be interested in the victim in order to obtain money.

The director of UK Finance, David Postingssaid drug gangs and overseas criminal groups are among those responsible for most fraud.

He added that while banks are legally required to reimburse money for fraud, entities only reimbursed about 59% of losses.


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