Friday, March 24, 2023

UEFA will return the money for some tickets for the 2022 Champions League final

UEFA announced this Tuesday that will return the money to thousands of fans who witnessed the last Champions League final in Paris, in which he real Madrid won the Liverpool to win their 14th European Cup, played on May 29, 2022 in Saint Denis. The body chaired by Aleksandr Ceferin has announced this decision, which will benefit all fans of the English club, but not to all those who went to cheer on Real Madrid.

“Refunds will be available for all fans with tickets for gates A, B, C, X, Y and Z in which the most difficult circumstances were reported. In addition, all fans who, according to the access control data, did not enter the stadium before 21.00CET (the original scheduled kick-off time), or who could not enter the stadium in any way, they will be entitled to a refund. Finally, UEFA will offer refunds to all fans who purchased accessibility tickets together with those of their companions,” the statement explained.

Under these criteria, all Liverpool fans (19,618 tickets) will be entitled to reimbursement and it will be the English club itself that manages them. In the case of Real Madrid fans, on the other hand, the management must be done through the UEFA customer service, if they meet any of the aforementioned requirements. The same criteria that applies to those who bought tickets through UEFA itself, instead of through one of the clubs.

serious disturbances

Basically, anyone who could not enter at the scheduled time for the start of the meeting (although this was finally delayed), will be entitled to a refund of their ticket.

This measure comes after the serious incidents experienced in the moments before the final, with altercations and riots that prevented normal access to the Saint Denis stadium for fans.

Both clubs formally complained about what they experienced, demanding explanations from UEFA and the French authorities. Many fans reported having been victims of robberies and assaults. UEFA, in this sense, has recalled that those affected can make complaints through the corresponding French embassies.

Barely a month ago, the content of an independent report came to light that concluded that “UEFA, as the owner of the rights to the Champions League final between Real Madrid and Liverpool, is primarily responsible for the organizational failure that almost leads to disaster“, in which it was ruled out that the massive presence of false entries was the main cause of the chaos.


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