Sunday, December 10, 2023

Uber introduces new accounts for minors who travel alone

American multinational transportation uber began this Monday to offer its “teenage account”which allows minors between the ages of 13 and 17 to travel alone in various cities in the United States.

These types of accounts can be created in a family profile adding a teenager.

The minor may request his own trips and parents or guardians will receive a notification each time it is done and will be able to follow up from the starting point to the destination.

Uber explains on its website that drivers Those in charge of making these trips will be only those who have “experience and high qualifications” and that all platform workers “must undergo a thorough background check.”

“If he user teenager chooses to set it up, the audio recording function will be activated automatically for each trip. They will also have access to the functions of security during the trip, such as calling 911 (the Police), contacting the support team or reporting a problem through the application, ”says the company.

At the moment, this function is available for 14 cities, including: Atlanta (Georgia), Dallas and Houston (Texas), Kansas City (Missouri) and the city from New York and its surroundings.

But the company wants to roll out teen accounts “in more locations soon.”


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