Tuesday, November 29, 2022

‘U Antawa’ actress Samantha is admitted in the hospital? the truth came out

Recently there was news about South Superstar Samantha that she has been admitted to the hospital due to ill health. Now the spokesperson of the actress has broken the silence on this. He says that the news is totally false and people are only spreading rumours. Samantha is completely fine and recovering from the problem of myositis. Some time ago, Samantha had informed through an Instagram post that she is suffering from a disease called myositis. However, she is taking its treatment and is on the recovery stage.

The actress was not admitted to the hospital
Speaking with India Today, the spokesperson of the actress said, “Whatever reports are doing the rounds about Samantha being hospitalised, they are rumours. Absolutely false. Samantha is at home and taking rest.” Talking about the work front, Samantha was last seen in the film ‘Yashoda’. The film was released in theaters a few days back. However, the film has received a mixed response from fans, critics and audiences.

Samantha wrote a post on myositis
Regarding battling a disease called myositis, Samantha had said in an interview that it will take a long time to recover from her condition. She is not going anywhere leaving this world. Samantha had told the fans about myositis disease through an Instagram post. She wrote, “The response you guys have given to the trailer of ‘Yashoda’ is amazing. It’s the love and connection I share with all of you. It’s what gives me the courage to face life’s challenges.” , which I need nowadays too. From a few months ago I am suffering from the disease of autoimmune condition myositis. I was thinking that when I will recover completely then I will tell you about it. But it is not the name of recovery. Taking it. It looks like it will take a little more time to heal.”

Samantha further wrote, “Life is teaching me that fighting challenges is not easy every time. If I talk about myself, I am not able to accept the disease I am battling. But with time I will accept it, I have faith in myself. Every day is not going to be the same. But all these moments will pass, I believe. Some days are going bad in my life and some are good. Physically and mentally I am Trying to give the best. Doctors are confident that I will recover soon. This is a bad time, it will pass.”

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