Friday, December 2, 2022

Two activists break into a Davis Cup match in protest of the climate and food emergency

Two activists have jumped onto the track this Wednesday during the celebration of the Davis Cup quarterfinal match in Malaga and they have tried to climb into the net, stopping the game in protest of the climate and food emergency.

According to a statement from Extinction Rebellionare two militants of the collective Vegetable Future who carried banners with the message ‘Desertification = Famine’ and ‘There is no sport on a dead planet’ in what they have described as “an urgent call to tackle the climate crisis”.

The activists, apparently a man and a woman, They have jumped onto the track and have tried to tie themselves to the net, though they were quickly cut down by stadium security.

One of the activists has indicated, when asked about the relationship with the sporting event, that “we do not have time to continue trying the same tactics with which we have been warning for years. The COP has failed for another year. We need this type of event that attracts the eyes of the whole world so that citizens have the opportunity to understand the seriousness of what is happening.“, says the statement.

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