Sunday, December 3, 2023

Twitter (X) launches two new subscriptions to try to get your money

Elon Musk kept his promise and X, formerly known as Twitter, now has two additional subscriptions with which they hope that more users will finally decide to open their wallet. Especially, with a proposal whose price is less than X Premium —formerly Twitter Blue—. Obviously, each one has different offers.

First of all, we have XBasicwhich will cost $3 dollars monthly and will rank as the cheapest Twitter subscription. Basically, this plan includes almost everything already available in X Premium:

  • Publication editing.
  • Longer posts.
  • Undo post.
  • Priority position in conversations and search.
  • Text format (bold and italics).
  • Featured posts.
  • Saved items folders.
  • Custom app icons.
  • Featured articles.
  • Reading mode.
  • Longer videos.
  • Topics.
  • NFT as profile photo.
  • Two-factor authentication via SMS
  • Possibility of creating a community.
  • Access to Media Studio.
  • Access to X Pro (formerly Tweettdeck).

So what is the difference with Premium? That You will not have the blue verification badge and you will see the same number of ads as a user with a free account. If this doesn’t bother you, perhaps paying $3 a month for everything else will appeal to you. Without a doubt, those people and businesses that lost access to Tweetdeck could see this plan as the ideal option to use said tool again.

Then there is X Plus, the most expensive plan to date. It will cost $16 dollars a month and, in addition to remove all advertising in the timelines “For you” and “Following”, too will increase the visibility of your responses to tweets. Of course, it includes all the features of X Premium—including verification.

It is important to note that, at the moment, It is only possible to subscribe to X Basic and X Plus through the web version of Twitter. That is, it is not enabled in mobile applications on iOS and Android. Most likely because they want to avoid the commission that Apple and Google impose for recurring payments in their respective app stores.

Thus, from being a social network that offered new functions to all its users, Twitter became a platform where many of the features are blocked with a paywall. It is evident that those led by Elon Musk They need to increase income as soon as possible. The company is not in a good financial position and these subscriptions could be a lifesaver. Especially X Basic, which will attract the attention of more than one.

Will they be successful? That remains a mystery. We will have to wait for their next financial reports to know if their move worked out. Be careful, because their next big move could be to charge for any new accounts just registered. In New Zealand and the Philippines they already have a test underway.

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