Wednesday, February 8, 2023

Twitter will be more expensive: Elon Musk announces a new subscription without ads on its interface

The inevitable moment is drawing near Twitter become a platform that will remind us more of YouTube than what it originally used to be. Elon Musk It has just announced its plans to launch a new subscription plan that is more expensive than the existing one, where it will completely remove ads.

A few days ago we witnessed how the supposedly richest man in the world started more than a fight on different fronts to keep their finances and that of their companies afloat. Where the social network of the blue bird has become the most recent object of their conflicts.

On the one hand, Musk is in court facing the consequences of an unfortunate tweet published by himself in 2018, where several Tesla Motors investors ended up losing a fortune thanks to .

At the same time that the tycoon has apparently unilaterally and somewhat arbitrarily blocked third-party services so that Twitter can only be viewed right there.

Now, out of the blue, the executive has announced the next step in his plan to make Twitter profitable. And it’s likely that more than one person doesn’t like him.

Twitter will launch a new more expensive plan without ads: reveals Elon Musk

Unexpectedly, this Saturday, January 21, 2023 Elon Musk used his official Twitter account to reveal the next move in the platform’s plan to increase its profitability: launch a new subscription plan where, for a higher cost, advertising will be removed from its interface.

During the last months, after the arrival of its new owner, we have witnessed how the social network has changed its face, integrating more and more ads. Such a situation has made browsing the feed genuinely awkward, and Musk seems to want to capitalize on it:

The paid subscription would then join Twitter Blue, an already existing, though not widely known, model in which users pay a fee to receive a blue checkmark, as well as access to exclusive features like an edit button.

Now Twitter Blue cost USD $11 per month for users with mobile access via iOS and Android. Or is there even a more accessible version of USD $8 for desktop users. Now, according to what Musk marks in his own tweet, the cost of this new subscription would necessarily be higher.

As a reference on the cost parameter, we can take the Netflix plans as a basis. Where the basic plan is priced at USD $9.99. So a plan above the cost of Twitter Blue may be considered excessive by many.

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