Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Twitter will allow news outlets to charge users for reading their articles

The owner of Twitter, Elon Musksaid this Saturday that from next month the social network will allow the media charge Users for reading your articles when they click on the links.

Musk had anticipated this month that the users may soon offer content subscriptions, including texts and videos, and that he planned to charge 10% of the profits from that service after the initial 12 months.

In his message today, the businessman considered that the measure for media will take users who do not have “a monthly subscription” to “pay a higher price per article” when they want to read only occasionally.

The companywhich has been looking for ways to increase its income, considered that the article monetization initiative will mean a situation “winner” both for the media and for the public.

Musk, who bought Twitter Just over a year ago, he has taken well-known measures such as changes to the Twitter Blue subscription, which under his leadership became paid when it was previously offered free of charge to personalities and organizations.

The businessman too fired 80% of its workforce, auctioned off its office furniture and recently announced that it would limit access to its application programming interface (API) – software that allow outside researchers and developers to collect and analyze data – and that will charge a fee in most cases.


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