Monday, December 11, 2023

Twitter and Elon Musk go crazy: they return blue badge to accounts of dead people

Twitter becomes embroiled in controversy after Elon Musk temporarily removed verification badges as a measure to try to get celebrities to start paying him extra, and now he’s sparked a mess where he even ended up raising the dead.

There is no doubt that Musk has had a difficult week. That’s what happens when he undertakes many delicate projects at once and not with the best planning. But few people in the world can afford to lose in close to US$13 billion.

It all started with the launch of his SpaceX Starship rocket prototype, which, yes, got off the ground but then ended up exploding, costing him a lot of money now that he will have to invest resources in building a new one.

After that, the shares of Tesla Motors, the main source of his current wealth, plummeted after presenting the financial results of his first quarter that were not positive, even by the most conservative projections.

And then, icing on the cake, Musk decided to completely remove the old verification badge system for authenticated accounts, most of them from communities, businesses and celebrities, as part of a strategy to get them to pay for Twitter Blue.

But to their misfortune, no one played along, on the contrary, they began to leave the social network, resulting in an even more reckless reaction.

The day Elon Musk raised the dead on Twitter

According to a report from colleagues at Digital Trends the issue with Twitter Blue and verification badges reached a new sticking point during the last days of this past weekend.

Where out of nowhere some celebrities like Stephen KingLebron James and Neil Gaiman they got their identity verification badge back without having paid a single penny.

This triggered many reactions and criticism, even from the account owners themselves, especially after Elon Musk himself stated that he is paying to keep those accounts validated on his social network.

This gave rise to a new reaction from the beneficiaries, asking Musk to remove the brand and better use that money to donate it to some charity.

But where everything got out of control was with the official accounts of the basketball player kobe ​​bryant and the chef anthony bourdain. Since both recovered their active status with the identity verification badge.

The little big detail is that they, like many other resurrected accounts, belong to celebrities who died several years ago.

Elon Musk seems to have made another serious mistake again in his attempt to get money from Twitter.


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