Sunday, December 10, 2023

Tweetbot developers are back with a Mastodon client

ivorya client of Mastodon of the company behind the missing Tweetbot, just launched on the iOS App Storewhich confirms the return of its developers.

Although it is still in early access, according to the report published on the website of The Verge, many people have been impressed with the alpha version which had a very limited number of slots. Now anyone on iOS can use it to navigate Mastodon.

The app comes from tapbots, a company that was affected when Twitter banned third-party clients. Because Tapbots basically had to ship Ivory with very little warning, many features are still missing that may be available in more mature Mastodon clients or on the web.

What is missing from Ivory?

The company roadmap explains that he still has to adding the ability to edit your profile, edit posts which is one of the main features of Mastodon (free, by the way), read alt text and more. There is also no Ivory app for Mac yet.

Via Mastodon

It is important to note that Ivory it is a paid app. While you can demo it in read-only mode (which means you can’t post or promote or favorite other people’s posts), getting full access to the app costs $1.99 per month or $14.99 per year, though there is a test week.

The company ensures that the subscription works with iCloud Family Sharing, so if you have that set up, your family should be able to use it on their devices too.

Even in its early state, Ivory’s user interface fits the way I like to use social media, and it has a basic level of polish that I appreciate. It also does a good job of obfuscating the intricacies of Mastodon, of which there are many.”, the report highlights.


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