Thursday, June 1, 2023

Tushar is the Acting Editor of Buff

A few days ago, the General Secretary of Bangladesh Football Federation (BAFFE) Abu Naeem Sohag was banned for two years due to corruption and irregularities. Imran Hossain Tushar took his place. He will serve as acting general secretary.

Tushar was chosen as acting general secretary today (Monday) in an emergency meeting at the building of the highest governing body of football in the country.

Meanwhile, FIFA made a 10-member investigation committee to look into FIFA’s complaint. Salam Murshedi, senior vice-president of BAFUF, gave this information after leaving the meeting.

At the time, he said, “Abu Naeem Sohag will never be returned to Bafufe.”

It is to be noted that FIFA has found evidence of violation of Article 13 (general duty), Article 15 (loyalty) and Article 24 (fraud) of the Code of Conduct of the Federation of Football Associations (FIFA) against the FIFA secretary. And that’s why he has to get this punishment.

Earlier, FIFA said that there was a discrepancy in the amount received by FIFA. As a result, Sohag and two other officials were mourned by the highest governing body of football. According to the procurement policy, three tenders are required to buy anything. And the lowest bidder will be responsible for the work.

(April 17/MM)


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