Thursday, June 8, 2023

Türkiye goes to the polls once again! Pay attention to these before voting

It took hours for the second round of the presidential election. Voters will once again go to the polls for President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and the Nation Alliance candidate Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu.


Votes will be cast in the same school and ballot box in the second round, in which school and ballot boxes were voted on May 14. Voter information sheets will be sent again for convenience and high turnout. If the voter information sheet has been lost, it is possible to learn the ballot box number via e-Government. It will still be mandatory for the voter to have the official document with a photo, which includes the TR Identity Number.


The ranking will not change in the ballot papers to be used in the second round. Recep Tayyip Erdoğan will take the first place in the compass, and Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu will take the second place. In the second round of presidential elections, polling station officials will not change either.

Important points to note on voting day:

  • Voters will vote in the same school and ballot box in the second round, in which school they voted on May 14.
  • Voters across Turkey will go to the polls between 08.00-17.00. However, the voters waiting to cast their votes at the ballot box, even though it is 17.00, will cast their votes in turn after being counted by the president.
  • Voting will be possible with one of the official documents with pictures, which unhesitatingly reveal the identity with the TR ID number on it.
  • The ballot box committee officer will find the voter’s name on the voter list by taking their ID, and after checking them, they will hand the combined ballot paper, envelope and seal to the voter and ask them to vote in the cabin.
  • It will be forbidden to enter the voting place with video recorders or communication devices such as mobile phones, cameras or film cameras. Such devices will be left to the ballot box committee to be returned after the voting process is over.
  • Do not mark on the ballot paper other than the seal. In order for the vote to be considered valid, it is required that the ballot papers must not be signed or marked, and the ballot paper must be put in the envelope properly, except for the “PREFERENCE” or “YES” seal. Nothing other than a compass shall be placed in the envelope.
  • The “PREFERENCE” or “YES” seal will be required to be printed on the ballot, not to overflow the section reserved for the preferred presidential candidate.
  • After the voter has been given the ballot, a new ballot will not be given on the grounds of error or any other reason.
  • Unless the voter leaves the closed polling place, no one will be able to enter it. However, in order to prepare the ballot paper, voters who stay longer than the normal time in the closed polling place will be warned by the chairman of the board by giving a reasonable time. Despite this warning, voters who do not leave the closed voting place will be removed from there.
  • Don’t forget to sign after voting. After the voters put the envelope in the ballot box, they will sign against the place where their name is on the ballot voters list.


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